IRM pays much attention to user-friendliness, accessibility, and findability. The government partners strive to provide all information on in such a way that everyone can find, use, and view it.

Accessibility statement

Everyone should be able to easily find, use, and view government websites. This website, which was launched on 10 November 2020, largely complies with the requirements for digital accessibility as specified on For a complete check and to dot the i's and cross the t's, we have an accessibility statement requested. Our accessibility statement has been published and can be viewed at the following website:

We continue to work on to make the website as accessible as possible. As soon as we make adjustments that make the website have a higher accessibility label, we will update this in the accessibility register.


There are situations where we may unfortunately not be able to fully or partially meet the accessibility requirements. Here are some examples:

  • Videos and documents that we post on this website for short periods of time may not comply with all guidelines.
  • We immediately post videos with current news value. We do not wait to publish them until they meet the guidelines. We will ensure that we replace such videos with a video that does meet the guidelines, provided the video remains published for a longer period.
  • We do not retroactively adapt documents and videos created before 23 September 2020 (when the new digital accessibility legislation came into force).

Report an accessibility problem

If you have encountered an accessibility problem or have a question or remark about accessibility, then please contact us by sending an e-mail to You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within five working days. We will then inform you of the progress of your report and the outcome.

What if you think our response was insufficient?

If you feel that the way your report has been handled was insufficient, then please let us know by sending an e-mail to so that we can learn from it and continue to improve our processes. If you want to submit a formal complaint, you can do so by contacting the national ombudsman.