This is Integrated River Basin Management

Over the coming decades, the national government, provinces, regional water authorities, and municipalities in the Netherlands will be working together to create healthy, navigable, safe, and attractive Meuse-Rhine basins.

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Programme Integrated River Basin Management

From Wednesday 31 January 2024 up to and including Tuesday 12 March 2024, everyone will have the opportunity to give a response to the Draft Integrated River Management Programme. This notification explains how you can submit your views.


With its Integrated River Management (IRM) Programme, the national government has decided that a new direction will be taken in terms of the design and management of the major rivers in the Netherlands. It is based on collaboration with provinces and water boards in the Rhine and Meuse Delta Programmes. The goal is to redesign the rivers in such a way that as many of the system characteristics as possible are achieved. If this proves to be unfeasible in the context of the IRM Programme, the possible adjustment of sectoral goals will be included in the agenda of sectoral programmes.

The planned future-proof river system is the combined set of physical, chemical, and biological characteristics that maintains itself hydro-morphologically and ecologically as much as possible on the basis of natural processes. The goal of the IRM Programme is to improve system characteristics so that river functions can continue to be facilitated as much as possible, and comply with national and international legislation and regulations.

IRM is a program of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, and the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

Notification of consultation procedure for the Draft Integrated River Management Programme