Unless otherwise stated, the contents of this website are subject to the Creative Commons zero declaration (CC0). This means that re-use of the content of this site is permitted, unless it is indicated for a certain component (e.g. a document) that a copyright restriction applies to that component.

Exception for image materials

Photos, videos, infographics, and all other forms of image materials are not subject to CC0. It is therefore not permitted to reuse or transfer image materials, unless explicitly stated that this is permitted with the image. When reusing image materials, the name of the creator must be credited - if the name is mentioned in the original context. In addition, when quoting the content, the impression must not be created that the central government automatically endorses the purport of the derivative work.


The editors of the ‘Bouwplaats IRM’ (Construction Site IRM) have taken great care to respect the copyrights of the published images. If this was not the case or was done incorrectly in the case of an image, then please contact us: